Common Questions

Punch Detox

Health & Body

Is this a health fad?

How much weight will I lose?

Will I gain my weight back?

Is it true that I can't eat anything? Am I getting enough nutrients? Protein? Calories?

Won't this slow down my metabolism?

Can I smoke during the cleanse?

I am a big fan of Chinese Medicine and I have always been "cool". Can I do the cleanse?

I am pregnant/nursing/sick. Can I do the cleanse?

I have food allergies? Can I still do it?

Am I too young or too old?

Who should NOT do the cleanse?

What to Expect

When and how often should I cleanse?

I think I am full of toxins. Will it be too harsh for me? Should I pick a longer program?

Are there different levels?

Can kids do this?

Where do you get your produce and ingredients?

I am worried. Will I be too tired?

Will I feel hungry?

Can I exercise during the 3 days?

I've got work meetings and my kids are having their exam week. Will I be on the top of my game during the cleanse?

Do I need to be close by bathrooms throughout the 3 days?

Will there be instructions?

When the juice arrives, how should I store them?

I have heard about the good things, now what are some of the detox symptoms?

During and After the Cleanse

This is easy. I am not hungry. In fact, I am too full from all the liquids. Can I not drink any tea or water in between?

I have a headache, can I take painkillers?

I am not going to the bathroom, what should I do?

I am bored. I need bubbles to dance on my tongue. Can I drink sparkling water?

Can I heat up the juice?

I am hungry. Can I eat more than what's on the cheat sheet?

What foods should I stock up on after the cleanse?

My stomach is feeling funny now that I am eating normal food. Help!