introducing our probiotic series - get a more effective detox

introducing our probiotic series - get a more effective detox

Now our detox program comes with digestive health benefits!

Each 500ml bottles contains 30mil bioactive probiotic essence equivalent to 5-10x more than standard cultured milk and yoghurt. In a 3 days cleanse program, you will get 1 bottle of probiotic fortified juice per day ( Citrus Punch ), 3 bottles total.


How does probiotics affect the cleansing and detoxing regime?


bioAXTive consists of organic compounds that work hand-in-hand with phythochemicals and antioxidants from the juice.  bioAXTive lays the ideal environment for the gastrointestinal tract - to let good bacteria proliferate and protect gut lining and function, targets and destroys bad bacteria -  offering a more comprehensive cleansing and detox mechanism.

 • How does bioAXTive help increase nutrient uptake?

Nutrients are absorbed on surface area of intestinal wall and intestinal microvillus. In disrupted and unbalanced gut microflora, microvillus growth may not be optimal.

bioAXTive modulates gut environment favorably and leads to rejuvenation of healthy gut microflora. This results in increase in length of intestinal microvillus and nutrient absorption from the phytonutrients you consume.

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