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Is this a health fad?

No! The practice of cleansing has been around for thousands of years. Cultures and civilizations all over the world have used cleansing and detoxing as a way to promote longevity, vitality, mental, physical and spiritual balance, and a sense of well-being. We didn't invent this. We just fine-tuned what has worked and designed this for us.


How much weight will I lose?

This is the wrong question to ask. We are not a weight loss centre and this is not a diet. We offer a cleanse to help you be rid of the toxins in your body and as a result, you may change the way you eat forever, or for a little bit…As you drop all the processed foods, bad fats and sugars, weight loss is often a pleasant side effect.

Remember you will only lose weight if you have the weight to lose.

Some people lose some weight during the cleanse, but most lose the weight in the few weeks afterwards as their overall lifestyles and habits change for the better.


Will I gain my weight back?

If you did lose weight after the cleanse, good for you. Whether you can keep the weight loss depends entirely on you. Some people adopt the healthier lifestyle and become more careful with food choices every day, losing even more weight afterwards. Others go back to their old ways and the extra pounds can creep up again.

Is it true that I can't eat anything? Am I getting enough nutrients? Protein? Calories?

Can't is a strong word. It's only a few days – commit to it. It's a cleanse, not a feast. So are you getting a few hundred calories fewer than you normally ingest? Most probably. It's not a fast either. You get to fill up on delicious, nutritional juices. So are you getting enough nutrients, protein and calories? Yes. We have designed the Punch juices to do just that.

Having said that, you probably should not be exercising profusely, building a house, or pulling all nighters. And use common sense, if you are 6'2" and 250 lbs, and you feel very hungry during the cleanse – eat something, but eat from our cheat sheet. Be sensible. If one slice of cucumber will help you get through the night – go for it!

Won't this slow down my metabolism?

No. You are not fasting. You are just consuming nutritious, non-solid food. Minus a few hundred calories. For only a few days. Your metabolism will be fine.

Can I smoke during the cleanse?

This is a cleanse, not a gallery opening party, so the official answer is no. But we understand the addiction aspect of it, so try to cut down. You are doing all that already – maybe you can quit smoking as well.

I am a big fan of Chinese Medicine and I have always been "cool". Can I do the cleanse?

We have had cool and hot people do the cleanse, and honestly, it depends on the extent of your coolness. We recommend drinking hot water in between the juices and take out the juice for 5 mins from the fridge before drinking it, so that it's not super cold.

When in doubt, please consult your Chinese Medicine Practitioner.


I am pregnant/nursing/sick. Can I do the cleanse?

The simple answer is No. Not only do you need extra calories for your baby or immune system, but during a detox, you will also be getting rid of toxins through urine, sweat and you guessed it – breast milk.


If you love the juices, you can drink them as a natural, yummy health boost in addition to your regular diet instead. Our Red Punch tastes a lot better than a massive multivitamin pill that's difficult to swallow, and absorb. And who needs vegetables if you can drink our Green Punch? Just kidding. We love vegetables.

I have food allergies? Can I still do it?

Well yes! Please check this link to see the ingredients in our juices. If you only need to skip one of our juices, we can make substitutions. Just make the appropriate selection during the ordering process. Or email us.

Am I too young or too old?

If you are underage, you're still growing – don't do it. And if you think you are too old to do this, please check with a doctor first.


Who should NOT do the cleanse?

  1. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  2. People who are suffering for a chronic disease that results in weight loss
  3. Kids under 18 who are still growing
  4. Elderly over 75 should only consider using the juices as supplements

Of course, if you are suffering from an illness such as the flu or bronchitis, use your judgment. Speak to a doctor first if you have doubts. The same goes for anyone who has the following diseases or conditions:

  1. Categorized as very very "Cool" by a licensed Chinese Doctor
  2. Type 1 Diabetes
  3. Advanced heart, lung, liver or kidney disease
  4. Advanced stages of cancer or AIDS
  5. Any type of eating disorders
  6. Taking prescription medication – yes antibiotics count
  7. Blood sugar disorders
  8. MCAD deficiency