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Ogilvy's raw Australian Jarrah honey 15+TA
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Ogilvy's raw Australian Jarrah honey 15+TA

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Ogilvy's Honey is a fairly new company which specialises in honey from around the world, each of single origin and 100% pure. You may think that all honeys taste the same, but after trying some of Ogilvy's honey, it's clear that isn't true.

All Ogilvy's honey is certified in origin and fully traceable from jar to shelf.

  • Jarrah Honey  15+ TA is an exclusive and rare super honey from Western Australia.  It comes from the Eucalyptus marginata variety of the eucalyptus tree, and is dark, amber-coloured with a distinctive strong taste of nuts and caramel.
  • known as a healing honey because of its natural antibacterial activity
  • rich in minerals and enzymes
  • significantly higher level of antioxidants than manuka honey
  • low in glucose – Low GI
  • excellent choice for dressing golden Staphylococcus infections,  E.coli as well as ulcerated wounds; can be used to treat burns and skin infections